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• Colombia

Maloka, a place to meet science and technology
International interest

A symbol of confidence in the country, a dream that we may one day live in a different Kind of city, only makes sense if it is perceived and accepted as such. The most important indication that this is so is the great number of visitors flocking to the different proposals. In the first three years of activity, the centre has hosted more than three million people. The organisation and the image it projects have also received many awards and public recognitions, which are a demonstration of the general impact it has had on the community.

These include:
•Two architectural awards, two industrial design awards, and a national graphic design prize.
•A project designed by Maloka was selected by the Colombian Biennial of Architecture as an example of excellence in town planning.
•A national prize for business innovation (Portafolio).
•Chosen by the DNP (National Planning Department) to represent Colombia in the International Project Bank as a successful national project and model.
•Chosen by the Chamber of Commerce as a symbol of transparency, and as the venue for the signing of a transparency pact by representatives of the public and private sectors.
•Chosen as a symbol of Bogotá.
•Maloka Virtual received the Golden Web Award as one of the 100 best Web pages in the world.

•Latin-American prize for the Popularisation of Science and Technology, awarded to Maloka for its outstanding work at the national and regional levels in popularising and relaying the values of science and technology.
•Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada Prize awarded by the Sociedad de Mejoras y Ornato de Santafé de Bogotá (Bogotá improvement society), as a recognition of Maloka’s important contribution to education, science and technology in the capital.