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• Colombia

Maloka, a place to meet science and technology

Maloka’s efforts to promote science and technology throughout the country have earned it second place in a survey carried out in Colombia on the promotion of science, behind COLCIENCIAS, the state institution responsible for the promotion of science research. This is due in part to the contribution made by the National Science Academy, which has given continuous advice on the generation of Maloka’s educational proposals. Maloka has also established close ties with the nation’s universities in designing exhibitions, training exhibition guides, and developing follow-up strategies, which are taken to other areas of Bogotá and the rest of the country.

Another practical demonstration of the results achieved by Maloka can be seen in the high percentage of capital investment from business sectors such as energy, which has contributed to the design of interactive proposals aimed at illustrating the themes of water, oil, energy and others in a more accessible, everyday way.