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Constructed wetlands, natural water purification systems
International interest

It is definitely a highly advantageous choice to use natural treatment systems in the context of countries lacking extensive economic resources or advanced technology.

Installing the systems does not require the use of trained personnel nor sophisticated construction techniques. The Constructed Wetlands systems may be set up using locally available untrained labour and locally available resources not usually the case for conventional purification systems.

Free water system (used as a tertiary treatment)

Running the systems requires very little economic input: the Constructed Wetlands do not, in the majority of cases, require energy sources given that they function by gravity and through natural purification processes. Such simple maintenance makes for significant reductions in costs.

In conclusion, choosing to use Constructed Wetlands systems means in socio-economic terms the possibility of enjoying the benefits derived from sustainable management of water resources, limiting the impoverishment of waterways and optimising consumption with positive consequences for the economy of the region and the country and without having to rely on structures that are too costly to operate.

Countries turning toward the use of Constructed Wetlands as part of a policy of greater economic and environmental sustainability, as well as for the advantages mentioned above, include Slovenia, Tunisia and Egypt.