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Constructed wetlands, natural water purification systems
Using Constructed Wetlands

The use of constructed wetland water purification systems is not subject to any legislative restrictions: it is not a matter of a finished product but rather of coming up with a project that requires no special technology to implement and can be easily set up by local firms. Furthermore, as they are not based on a concept of models or standards, the project should be designed ad hoc for each situation.

Detail of a multi-stage system consisting of a horizontal subsurface flow system (right) and a vertical one (left) at the service of a tourist structure - 140 equivalent inhabitants (Florence, Italy)

The professionals who form the design teams should be highly educated as biologists, chemists or engineers for example and should receive specialized training in designing and dimensioning the Constructed Wetlands systems.

Managing the systems does not require trained personnel and can be done by the entity that benefits from it by virtue of its minimal costs.

In case of specific problems it is wise to contact specialized technical personnel and, if necessary, the entity responsible for the system design, with whom could be stipulated a type of assistance contract for the users. In fact, it will be the users who gain the benefits of using the system, for example by reusing treated water.

Some of the institutions that could be involved in drawing up the feasibility study for applying the systems include research institutions, universities and specialists or technicians in the area of integrated and eco-sustainable water management.