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International interest

SOLWA, its installation and tuning activities were presented in November 2009 at the International Conference held in Dubai, organized by IDA (International Desalinization Association), the most qualified international organization in the field of water desalination technologies.

SOLWA was constructed by the University of Padua and part of the studies was carried out at the Wageningen University and Research Centre in Holland.

For the distribution of the SOLWA, the University of Padua has established collaborations with the Department of Biology of the University of Trujillo (Peru) and with the National Research Council of Khartoum (Sudan).

Test agreements at the Foundation of Research and Development of FUNACI (Teresina-Brazil) in collaboration with the Faculty of Agrarian of the Federal University of the Piaui (Brazil) are in the process of being formalized. The University of Padua has also established collaboration for the distribution of the SOLWA with the ONG Cesvitem of Mirano (VE) that supports cooperation initiatives in numerous countries.