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The Directorate for International Relations, International Cooperation, Human Rights and Equal Opportunities of the Veneto Region collaborates in the promotion of innovation at International level.

The University of Padua is available to supply technical support and innovation transfer in interested countries. NGO Cesvitem of Mirano (VE) also collaborates in the International promotion of the solar still.

In order to establish collaborations for the technological transfer in interested countries, the following people can be contacted directly:

  • Dr. Paolo Franceschetti, PhD, Atmosphere Sciences and Technologies, via 35010 Vivaldi 28 Vigonza (Pd). Tel. +44 (0) 329-4249964, email:

  • Prof. Maurizio Vidali, Ordinary University Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Padua. Tel. +44 (0) 49-8275163, email:

  • Prof. Andrea Pitacco, Associate University Professor, Department of Environment Agronomy and Vegetable Production, Faculty of Agrarian Science, University of Padua. Tel. +44 (0) 49-8272848, email:

  • Andrea Naletto, ONG CES.VI.TEM President, via Mariutto, 68 30035 Mirano (VE). Tel. +44 (0) 41-5700843 email: