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Using SOLWA in other countries

Solar stills can generate maximum efficiency in tropical areas, rich in solar energy. The institutions directly interested in the transfer of this technology are those competent in the management of water resources. Additionally, these public institutions can involve private sector institutions in the production and use of this type of solar still.

The experimentation of the SOLWA solar still, in order to adapt it to the specific context, can be realized, with technical support from the University of Padua, in any university structure or research institute, prior to its national distribution.

Given the relatively technological simplicity of SOLWA construction and use process, it is not necessary to resort to high level development centres or to previous technical knowledge. In order to accelerate the experimentation operations, collaboration agreements between universities have already been developed, allowing the creation of Laboratories in interested countries, for the construction and the experimentation by academic researchers. The information on technique, technology or economics is free and available for the development of further research or local testing.