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• Colombia

Maloka, a place to meet science and technology

For many native tribes, the Maloca is the most important house in the village, built by the shaman, medicine man or chief. They go there to gain the knowledge of the universe. Not only is it the centre of political decision-making and religious activity, but it is also a place for relaxation, recreation and refuge. The community meets there and finds enrichment. Maloka with a ‘k’ is also a centre for social mobilisation and bringing people together.

In Colombia, Maloka is a nationwide programme for social improvement, which operates through a variety of strategies involving democratised and permanent education, the attainment of knowledge, the recovery of ethical values and commitment towards Colombia. Particularly successful is the Interactive Centre, which organises exhibitions in an area that covers about 10,000 square metres. Additional activities are developed around these interactive exhibitions to give extra curricula support to the teaching of science and technology, thus providing a pedagogical tool benefiting both the school community and the general public.

By Nohora Elizabeth Hoyos