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• Serbia

IMS Building Technology

IMS Building Technology is an advanced system for accelerated construction with prefabricated elements of the skeleton.

This unique system based on the prestressed connection of the structure elements was developed by prof. Branko Zezelj at the IMS Institute in Belgrade. It was first implemented in 1957 and is since constantly being upgraded. The idea was simple – to build standard buildings by use of standard elements, as children do with Lego bricks. The toughest problem – the connecting of the elements of the concrete frame, made of prefabricated columns and slabs, was resolved through the application of steel cables aimed for the posttensioning process. It is a revolutionary idea that required numerous researches and proofs, first of all, in the field of durability and stability and the in the field of architectural design and possibilities to be justified in practice as a universal technology for all kinds of high-rise structures.

Edited by Goran Petrovic, B.Sc. Architect