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SOLWA (SOLar WAter) solar still consists in a new system of producing drinkable water from the desalination of waters with elevated salt concentration or polluted waters, with the sole use of solar power.

Water pollution and water scarcity do not only entail problems for human consumption, but they have also created usage of low quality water irrigation in many barren areas. The use of qualitatively insufficient waters creates a decrease of agricultural production and causes damages to the atmosphere, the ground and the aquifers [Thameur 2003]. The second global report by the United Nations on the promotion of water resources evidences that nearly one inhabitant of the planet in five has no access to drinkable water and that 40% of the world-wide population do not have a basic service of water depuration. In the course of the 20th century, water consumption increased sixfold, whilst world-wide population only increased threefold..


By Paolo Franceschetti