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• Guatemala

Natural dehydration of lemons
”The Dehydration Process” in practice

The process is very simple but it requires constant control and supervision.


Ripe fruit is picked
Product purchased from members and non members
Product transported to store areas by the producers themselves
Delivery, inspection and weighing in drying fields
Product spread uniformly on raised earth beds (1.5 metres wide) covered with black plastic held in place by stones or other heavy objects at the sides

Lemons are sun dried on the black plastic for 3-4 months until 80-90% water is lost
Lemons are constantly turned and moved around to ensure homogenous drying; everyday, in the late evening, they are covered with the black plastic and, in the mornings, they are uncovered to expose them to direct sunlight
Constant inspection to verify the degree of dehydration; products with defects or in a bad state are rejected
Optimal conditions are reached when the lemons turn brown or black and have a slightly burnt look, when they are removed form the fields.
The product is placed in polypropylene sacks and taken to store rooms. Dehydration ratio is 10 to 1
Product is classified according to size and appearance. The lemons pass through a grid with set hole sizes
Once classified, product is weighed and placed in sacks for export.
Sacks are loaded into containers and taken to port for shipping.


Lemons that do not meet requirements in size and shape are used to obtain juice for iced tea.
They are ground until grains are less than a millimetre in diameter
The grains are packed into transparent plastic bags weighing approximately 25 pounds for storage
The product is then submitted to a process which extracts and pasteurises the lemon essence
The essence is mixed with pure water and sugar to obtain lemon ice tea
It is then vacuum packed in labelled plastic bottles (250 millilitres, 500 millilitres, litre, _ gallon, and one gallon sizes)
Product is distributed to supermarkets through the services of a transport company


Lemon tea is made from ground lemon
COELMON has established a strategic alliance with a specialised company for the production and commercialisation of the tea
Product is processed and placed into two-gram tea bags which are packed into boxes of 25; the company is also responsible for distribution
The product is sold under the registered COELMON trademark, owned by the cooperative.