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• Cuba

Biorat in practice

In practical terms, the Biorat pest control method is used in anti-rat campaigns. The aim of the campaigns is to reduce rat and mice populations to levels that do not represent a risk for health and the economy. Generally speaking, control involves two main types of objectives:

  • Agricultural objectives, involving the protection of crops
  • Urban objectives, involving residential buildings, industrial plants, warehouses, tourist facilities and other areas that can be found within the perimeter of urban areas.

  • Urban areas: when index is over 10%
  • Agricultural areas: when index is over 10% or damage represents more than 3% of crop value

At present in Cuba, the greatest economical damage is caused in grain, coconut, sugar cane and coffee plantations.

  • Recognition. Technical team members conduct site visits and make sketches of the targeted area specifying, in urban areas: number of houses, warehouses, industrial plants, open areas, paths and access routes to communities, boundaries, number of inhabitants; in rural areas: crop type and area, number of houses, warehouses, industrial plants, open areas, paths and access routes, and boundaries.
  • Pest type. The types of rats and mice in the area to be disinfested are determined.
  • Requirements. Product reqirements are calculated on the basis of the number of houses and/or facilities, the area of each locality, or crop type and area.
  • Logistics. The necessary quantities of the product are purchased and distributed; equipment and other materials are put into place; trained personnel take part in campaigns.
  • Application. BIORAT is applied according to a previously drawn up action plan.
  • Evaluation. Finally, the results of the campaign are assessed and follow up phases are prepared as part of a permanent and sustainable disinfestation activity.


The practical results that have been achieved in 18 years of experience in the utilisation of BIORAT are directly related to the specific location in which it has been applied, since this has a decisive effect on the final effectiveness of the application.

The mean average figures detailed below were recorded in different localities, and show the great effectiveness of the product.