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• Cuba


Biorat is a registered trademark and is used in 12 Central and Southern American countries, 3 African countries and 7 countries in Eurasia. Use of this product is on the increase for the following reasons:

  • It causes no harm to other species, man, or the environment.
  • Its advanced technology means it can increase knowledge of biological mechanisms and modes for controlling pests both among the personnel employed in application campaigns and the people concerned, who can see the beneficial effects of the method.
  • It arouses interest among health authorities and industry, because the method used sets it apart from traditional forms of pest control, which are harmful and have little effect.
  • It is recognised by the competent authorities because of its beneficial effects on health.
  • It quickly leads to increased economic productivity in areas where it is employed.
  • It is sustainable, since it is made up of elements that are easily obtained anywhere in the world.

Cost benefits – yearlong treatment per hectare using traditional chemical products (with poor results and damage to the ecosystem) requires 150% and 300% more resources than are needed for the treatment of the same area with BIORAT, which provides effective results and does not produce secondary effects.

In practical terms, the product works as follows: