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Soil Bioengeneering
Who to contact

The following institutions can provide technical assistance in designing and carrying out bioengineering projects in interested countries. They can also organise capacity building courses involving didactic construction sites and demos.

DIAF (Department of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering) -
University of Florence (Italy)

Alessandro Petrone
Environmental engineer, PHD in agroforestry engineering
DIAF: Via San Bonaventura, 13 - 50145 Florence
tel.+39-055-30231239; cel: +39-340-0505229; fax: +39-055-310224

Federico Preti
hydraulic engineer, Professor of “Watershed Management” and “Soil Slope and torrent bioengineering stabilization”
DIAF: Via San Bonaventura, 13 - 50145 Florence
tel. +39-05530231238; fax: +39-055-310224

(University association for cooperation and development)
Stefano dell'Anna
AUCS Projects Executive
Tel. +39-0761-321860 cel: +39-347-1813546

For further information, please visit the website at: